Each member of the teaching staff at Lakeview Child Center :

  • Understands child development
  • Is nurturing
  • Values young children
  • Is committed to continuing professional development in the early childhood field
  • Forms strong, lasting relationships with you and your child to ensure a positive early childhood experience
Each Lakeview center has a mentor to guide teaching staff in good practice guidelines and answer questions about Lakeview’s policies and procedures. New teaching staff work with the mentor to complete a comprehensive orientation and training program. They participate in mandatory annual training workshops and conferences to learn new skills. Every classroom has a head teacher with certification in early childhood education or a related field, or a CDA (Child Development Associate) credential. Group teachers at Lakeview are required to have an associate’s degree or a CDA. All other classroom teachers and assistants must have a high school diploma and experience working with young children. In addition, they are required to enroll and complete a CDA credential according to a timeline planned in conjunction with the center’s executive director and the associate vice president. Lakeview provides free training for the CDA credential. All staff members at Lakeview are required to complete bi-annual training for certification in CPR and pediatric first aid.


All four Lakeview Child Centers are accredited by NAEYC.

Let’s Move! Childcare

Lakeview Child Center is proud to participate in this comprehensive initiative, launched by Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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