Health/ Safety

As a participant in the State of New Jersey Child and Adult Care Food Program, Lakeview Child Centers provide well-balanced nutritional diet. Our carefully planned menus meet Department of Agriculture guidelines and satisfy the tastes of young children.

Lakeview uses family style dining to promote healthy eating habits. Children help set the table and clean up after the meal. They are encouraged to serve themselves and teachers sit with the children to assist in making mealtimes a pleasant social experience.
  • Homemade food items and vegetarian menu offered.
  • Formula and baby food is provided for infants.
  • Allergy management in coordination with parents, including food substitutions at the center, with medical documentation.

All Lakeview educators and staff are trained in CPR within their first 3 months of employment. At all times, at least one teacher trained in CPR/first aid is with each group of children. Training includes pediatric first aid as well as re-training every two years.

Lakeview’s own Pattijo Taylor, Vice President, is an instructor for the American Heart Association. Training includes pediatric first aid, infant/child/adult CPR/AED with biannual re-certification.
At Lakeview, your child’s security is our top priority. We maintain approved child/staff ratios. Children are never left unsupervised. It is our policy to have at least one staff member who is certified in pediatric first aid and CPR in each classroom at all times.

Parents are provided two proximity cards at the time of enrollment. These cards provide the parent or caregiver access to their child’s facility. Additional and replacement cards may be purchased at a parent’s request.

Our policies related to security include the following:
  • Visitors must be identified at the door by administrative staff before they gain access to the center.
  • Contractors, consultants, therapists and other visitors must sign in/out, and wear a VISITOR badge while in the center.
  • Doors to the outside are locked at all times.
  • Doors to the playground are unlocked only when children are on the playground.
  • Playgrounds are surrounded by 6-foot fences to protect children.
The following is the State of New Jersey policy on student release from school which all Lakeview facilities follow:

Children may be released only to the child’s custodial parent(s) or person(s) authorized by the custodial parent to take the child from school and assume responsibility for the child in an emergency if the custodial parent(s) cannot be reached. The custodial parent(s) will provide the names, addresses and phone numbers of any persons other than themselves who are authorized to transport their child from school.
Lakeview meets all state licensing requirements for life/safety, fire and health inspections. We conduct monthly fire drills to familiarize the children with ways to safely and quickly exit the building in the case of an emergency.

In the event of an emergency, Lakeview may determine that it is necessary to close the center for the safety of the children and staff. Each center has an Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan outlining the roles and responsibilities for handling emergencies. Staff will follow practiced evacuation procedures and notify families of the situation. If necessary, parents will be contacted to pick up their children.

Emergency situations that would warrant evacuation, lock down or sheltering in may include:
  • Weather events
  • Medical emergencies
  • Disruption to utilities service
  • Hostile situations
Emergency supplies are on hand including food, water, and first aid supplies. Our Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans have been shared with local police departments and the director of security for RWJ Hamilton.
Part of keeping the children at Lakeview safe is keeping them well. The NJ Department of Health requires that children have a medical exam by a licensed physician prior to admission. Medical exams are required annually while your child attends Lakeview. A record of immunizations will also be maintained by our office.

Lakeview carefully monitors the health of the children and takes steps to recognize and reduce the spread of common childhood illnesses. We work with the children to help them learn proper hand washing and other ways to care for their own health.

As the first centers in New Jersey to receive the Asthma Friendly Award from the Pediatric/Adult Asthma Coalition of New Jersey, Lakeview works with you and your pediatrician to provide the appropriate care for a child suffering with asthma.

Lakeview staff are also trained to work with you and your pediatrician to handle your child’s food allergies. Action plans from the child’s pediatrician for children with allergies or asthma help us provide appropriate care.
Sometimes children will need to receive medications while attending Lakeview. If your child has a daily or intermittent need for medication, we will coordinate with your family to meet your child’s needs while in our program. Our staff are trained to use nebulizers and epi-pens.


All four Lakeview Child Centers are accredited by NAEYC.

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