Executive Director

Shannon Dumas (2002)

Dana Linker (2015) Head Teacher
Theresa Meeks (2017) Assistant Teacher
Sydney Campopiano (2019) Assistant Teacher
Lindsay Butler (2001) Assistant Teacher
Elizabeth Christopher (2019) Assistant Teacher
Gina DeSanctis (2016) Acting Head Teacher
Sarah Bernabel (2003) Assistant Teacher
Taylor Pierson (2018) Assistant Teacher
Odalis Macario (2019) Assistant Teacher
Deysi Martinez (2019) Assistant Teacher
Heather Moore (1994) Head Teacher
Christine Ola-Pratt (2016) Assistant Teacher
Sofia Gravina (2017) Assistant Teacher
Sheree Davis (2002) Head Teacher
Francheska Delgado (2017) Assistant Teacher
Bridgette Kinglock (2019) Head Teacher
Alexis Deleon (2015) Assistant Teacher
Jenna Slack (2019) Assistant Teacher
Claire Mercuri (1985) Head Teacher
Marlina Frias (2018) Assistant Teacher
Meghan Dzwonkowski (2019) Assistant Teacher

Office Manager

Jenna Shaffer (2014)

Ed Atkins (2001)
Sandra Hernandez (2018)
Rebeca Flores (2018)
Melissa DeShaw (2019)
Jessica Ingram (2018)
Madeleine Kemo (2018)
Nicole Kowalski (2014)
Morgan Meara (2016)
Kari Meiners (2018)
Jade Moss (2018)
Valeri Overs (2019)
Jessie Salamacha (2000)
Kimberly Velez (2015)


Vice President Lakeview Child Centers

Pattijo B. Taylor (1997)

Business Administrator

Lisa Maselli (1997)


Scott Shaffer (1999)


All four Lakeview Child Centers are accredited by NAEYC.

Let’s Move! Childcare

Lakeview Child Center is proud to participate in this comprehensive initiative, launched by Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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