Jennifer Narducci (2009)

Jennifer Rehbein (2016) Head Teacher
Kia Rasberry (2017) Assistant Teacher
Kelly Giuffrida (2018) Assistant Teacher
Mercy Tyler (2018) Assistant Teacher
Nadia Satterfield (2018) Assistant Teacher
Toddler I
Melissa Hoffmann (2009) Head Teacher
Margaret Anderson-Jones (2005) Group Teacher

Toddler II
Rosina Maharaj (2007) Head Teacher
Gabriella Lee (2014) Assistant Teacher
Denisse Leon (2018) Assistant Teacher 
Transitional I
Cindy VanKirk (2002) Head Teacher
Quinta Minney (2018) Assistant Teacher

Transitional II
Barbara Rasberry (2004) Head Teacher
Daphne Caintic (2016) Assistant Teacher
Beth Koch (1995) Head Teacher
Linda O’Donnell (2003) Assistant Teacher
Jasmine Ford (2016) Head Teacher
Loretta Kubick (2010) Assistant Teacher

Office Manager

Carmen Delgado (2017)
Esaw Coons (2018)
Chung Chau (1996)
Mei D Chau (2004)
Marie Emmanuel (2000)
Caitlin Fonville (2016)
Jocelyn Barnes (2018)
Mariah Jones (2015)
Heather Cannulli (2018)
Diana Leon (2018)


Vice President Lakeview Child Centers

Pattijo B. Taylor (1997)

Business Administrator

Lisa Maselli (1997)


All four Lakeview Child Centers are accredited by NAEYC.

Let’s Move! Childcare

Lakeview Child Center is proud to participate in this comprehensive initiative, launched by Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

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